Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport (RRG)

Airport in Plaine Corail, Rodrigues District, Mauritius


Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport (IATA: RRG, ICAO: FIMR) is an airport located near Plaine Corail on Rodrigues, an island dependency of Mauritius. It is named after Sir Charles Gaëtan Duval (1930–1996), a former deputy Mauritian prime minister, who oversaw much of the development of Rodrigues. Prior to being renamed in 2007, it was known as Plaine Corail Airport. Airport of Rodrigues Ltd (ARL) was incorporated on 8 February 200... (read more on Wikipedia)

Most frequent domestic flights from/to this airport:

Most frequent international flights from/to this airport:

No international flights found for this airport.

Important airlines at this airport:
Air Mauritius (MK, Alliance Vanille)

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