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ILA Berlin more information 04/25/2018 until 04/29/2018

The ILA Berlin Air Show (German: Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung (ILA)) combines a major trade exhibition for the aerospace and defence industries with a public airshow. It is held every even year at the new Berlin ExpoCenter Airport near Schönefeld, Brandenburg 18 km southeast of Berlin, Germany. The most recent ILA Berlin Air Show was held 1-4 June 2016. Established in 1909, it claims to be world's oldest air show, and it is among the largest and most important aerospace trade fairs today. According to the organisers Messe Berlin GmbH, in 2012 the Berlin Air Show attracted 125,000 professional visitors and 105,000 members of the general public, with 3,600 journalists from 65 countries also attending. The format is similar to the Paris Air Show in France and the Farnborough International Airshow in Britain, the other major events in the European air show calendar. The Berlin event starts with three professional days closed to the general public, and then on Friday, S... [Wikipedia]

Abbotsford International Airshow more information 08/10/2018 until 08/12/2018

The Abbotsford International Airshow is held annually on the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday in August at Abbotsford International Airport in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. It is Canada's largest airshow. In the mid-1970s, Abbotsford was designated as Canada's National Airshow by Prime Minister Pierre E. Trudeau. It features both military and civilian aircraft from Canada and the United States, and on occasion military aircraft from other countries such as Britain, Germany (2000), and Russia. [Wikipedia]

Abu Dhabi Air Expo more information 02/26/2018 until 02/28/2018

African Airshow more information 10/24/2017 until 10/26/2017

Airport Exchange more information 12/05/2017 until 12/07/2017

Bahrain International Airshow more information 11/14/2018 until 11/16/2018

The Bahrain International Airshow is a biennial airshow hosted at the Sakhir Air Base in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The event is organised by the Civil Aviation Affairs of Bahrain in association with Farnborough International, and is sponsored by Gulf Air and Batelco. Since its inception in 2010, the airshow has drawn hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of visitors. [Wikipedia]

Dubai Airshow more information 11/17/2019 until 11/21/2019

The Dubai Airshow (Arabic: دوباي، إرشو‎) is a biennial air show held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in cooperation with Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Dubai Airports, Dubai World Central and the UAE Armed Forces. It is organised by F&E Aerospace since 1989. [Wikipedia]

Farnborough International Airshow more information 07/16/2018 until 07/22/2018

The Farnborough International Airshow is a week-long event that combines a major trade exhibition for the aerospace and defence industries with a public airshow. The event is held in mid-July in even-numbered years at Farnborough Airport in Hampshire, United Kingdom. The first four days (Monday to Thursday) are dedicated exclusively to trade, with the final three days open to the public. The airshow is an important event in the international aerospace and defence industry calendar, providing an opportunity to demonstrate civilian and military aircraft to potential customers and investors. The show is also used for the announcement of new developments and orders, and to attract media coverage. It is the second largest after Le Bourget, ahead of Dubai Air Show or Singapore Air Show. It is organised by Farnborough International Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of ADS Group. In 2012, it attracted 109,000 trade visitors over the first five days, and 100,000 public visitors during the w... [Wikipedia]

Global Aerospace Summit more information 02/27/2018 until 02/28/2018

inter airport China more information 09/05/2018 until 09/07/2018

Inter airport Europe more information 10/08/2019 until 10/11/2019

inter airport SEA more information 02/27/2019 until 03/01/2019

Paris Air Show / Salon du Bourget more information 06/17/2019 until 06/23/2019

The Paris Air Show (Salon international de l'aéronautique et de l'espace de Paris-Le Bourget, Salon du Bourget) is the largest Air Show before UK's Farnborough, followed by Dubai Air Show or Singapore Airshow. The latest was the 52nd Air Show, held from 19 to 25 June 2017, attended by 3,450 journalists, 142,000 professionals and 180,000 general public visitors. It claims to be the world's calendar-oldest air show. Established in 1909 as the ILA Berlin Air Show, it has been held every odd year since 1949 at Paris–Le Bourget Airport in north Paris, France. It is a large trade fair, demonstrating military and civilian aircraft, and is attended by many military forces and the major aircraft manufacturers, often announcing major aircraft sales. It starts with four professional days and is then opened to the general public followed from Friday to Sunday. The format is similar to Farnborough and the ILA, both staged in even years. It is organised by the French aerospace industry's prima... [Wikipedia]

RIAT Royal International Air Tattoo more information 07/13/2018 until 07/15/2018

The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) is the world's largest military air show, held annually over the third weekend in July, usually at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, England in support of The Royal Air Force Charitable Trust. The show typically attracts a total of 150,000 to 160,000 spectators over the weekend. [Wikipedia]

Singapore Airshow more information 02/06/2018 until 02/11/2018

The Singapore Airshow, formerly known as Changi International Airshow, is a biennial aerospace event held in Singapore starting from 2008. The event was launched as a partnership between Singaporean agencies Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and the Defence Science and Technology Agency after the relocation of Asian Aerospace from Singapore. It claims to be the third largest after Le Bourget and Farnborough, but this is disputed by the Dubai Air Show. [Wikipedia]