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    Update 08/12/2016 - Official travel alerts and warnings for travelers

    Friday, 08/12/2016, 07:23 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Update 08/12/2016 - Official travel alerts and warnings for travelersDue to an increasing number of unforeseen and potentially dangerous events worldwide (such as wild fires, demonstrations, natural disasters) travelers are required to stay up to date with what's going on in their destination. Government agencies such as the Auswärtiges Amt in Germany provide their citizens with important information about the current situation. To make sure that travelers using travelario will not miss this information, we now integrate these warnings right into the guides of the affected cities, regions or countries (only active if you select "German" as your language, e.g. for Thailand today). We will add government agencies for additional countries in the future.

    UPDATE: This service has been expanded with travel warnings and alerts of the US Department of State (Travel.State.Gov) which will be shown if you select "English" as your language.

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    Update 08/12/2016 - Guides for every map with real-time information

    Friday, 08/12/2016, 06:33 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Update 08/12/2016 - Guides for every map with real-time informationOver the last few weeks we've gradually added new functionality for what is going to become the guide section of travelario. Every map will have its own guide which will provide a different view on the locations included in the map as well as real-time information about this city or country. For instance the guide for Bangkok, Thailand now includes the current local time, currency rates and weather with more information available when you click/hover over the icons. Furthermore you can find the current bestsellers for travel guides on or and links to important resources such as the official website for the specific city, region or country.

    We have also added a comment system provided by Disqus on every page. If have have suggestions or comments, feel free to add them there. We will continue to add more and more information in these guides on our journey to provide both travelers and locals with the best tools possible for trip planning and orientation when already there.

  • Updates

    Update 07/04/2016 - Rotate 45° satellite imagery, labels on the map and more

    Monday, 07/04/2016, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Update 07/04/2016 - Rotate 45° satellite imagery, labels on the map and morePlenty of new functionality on travelario today to make map viewing easier than ever. In areas which provide 45° satellite imagery you can now easily rotate the map with a new button to see buildings etc. from all directions. Icons for accommodation directly show the star rating and if you zoom in close enough labels for the locations are visible right on the map. We have a long list of upcoming features, so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed or our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Update 06/27/2016 - Gallery view for all locations available

    Monday, 06/27/2016, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Update 06/27/2016 - Gallery view for all locations availableHave a look at our new gallery view: While browsing through the locations by category in a map you can now switch between a simple list view and a new gallery view which gives you a better impression of these locations (sights, accommodation etc.). On desktop the gallery view is activated by default. Try it here: Sights in Berlin, Germany

  • Updates

    Update 06/26/2016 - SSL, Embed maps on your website/blog, switch to similar maps

    Sunday, 06/26/2016, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    We've got news for you on this sunday:
    1) travelario is now SSL protected. All requests to our maps now run on a secure connection so your searches are always private.
    2) You can embed maps on your own website / blog, to do so click on the link "Embed this map on a website" in the top left menu.
    3) In the same menu you can now navigate directly to similar maps (from the same country, same topic etc.).

  • Updates

    Update 06/15/2016 - New map for Berlin, Germany available

    Wednesday, 06/15/2016, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Planning a trip to Berlin, Germany? We've got you covered with our new map for Berlin. Frequently updated and as always available on any device!

  • Updates

    Update 06/07/2016 - Integration with Twitter

    Tuesday, 06/07/2016, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff now integrates with Twitter. You can see all the available Tweets of a location in the info panel on the map, in addition to Facebook info/posts etc. Try it here: Quest Hotel & Conference Center Cebu

  • Updates

    Update 01/06/2016 - Full integration with

    Wednesday, 01/06/2016, 01:50 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    In addition to our hand picked collection of hotels, now also see all the other hotels, hostels, apartments and other types of accommodations provided by within the maps (more than 114.000 worldwide!).

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    Update 11/05/2015

    Thursday, 11/05/2015, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Launch of the new front page layout and additional maps with maps for further Asian cities and countries arriving soon.

  • Updates

    Update 11/03/2015

    Tuesday, 11/03/2015, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Continuous feature updates to improve the usability of travelario. Copy & Paste URLs from other services such as Google Maps, Google Earth (KML for a single marker) or Facebook into the search field and get an immediate response.

  • Updates

    Update 10/09/2015

    Friday, 10/09/2015, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Updated map data and quality of code. You can now see all the available Facebook updates of all locations in a category by clicking on the link at the end of the location list (e.g. updates about events/shows at sights in Bangkok or Manila).

  • Updates

    Update 09/16/2015

    Wednesday, 09/16/2015, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Google Street View is expanding in the Phillippines. See all the locations in places like Metro Manila right inside of Street View by clicking on the Street View icon for a location / on a map or by typing "S" to show the full Street View coverage.

  • Updates

    Update 06/02/2015

    Tuesday, 06/02/2015, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    New maps are available for Cebu City, Iloilo, Subic Bay & Olongapo in the Philippines.

  • Updates

    Update 02/05/2015

    Thursday, 02/05/2015, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Coming into town for a concert or sports event and in need for accommodation? It's easy with travelario: Now you can see accommodation nearby when clicking on any location (e.g. sports arena, concert venue). Also get short URLs for a location to share on social networks like Twitter.

  • Updates

    Update 11/24/2014

    Monday, 11/24/2014, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    First official map available: Map of Manila, Philippines (Metro Manila/NCR). This map with more than 600 locations makes it easy to travel within the whole Metro Manila area and includes transportation, sights, hotels/accommodation, restaurants, nightlife and much more.

  • Updates

    Update 09/26/2014

    Friday, 09/26/2014, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Further UI improvements, last changes (added/updated locations) in a map available in the main menu.

  • Updates

    Update 09/23/2014

    Tuesday, 09/23/2014, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Switching between the available language versions of a map is possible from within the main menu.

  • Updates

    Update 09/22/2014

    Monday, 09/22/2014, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Various optimizations for our maps: Deep links for searches and direct to locations enable easier sharing with other people, new keyboard shortcuts on desktop for easier navigation, UI optimizations on desktop and mobile, website is available in English and German.

  • Updates

    Update 09/19/2014

    Friday, 09/19/2014, 12:00 PM, By: travelario-Staff

    Preview of first beta version of travelario available.