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Algeria (Map)57
Angola (Map)24
Benin (Map)6
Botswana (Map)47
Burkina Faso (Map)6
Burundi (Map)4
Cameroon (Map)18
Cabo Verde / Cape Verde (Map)16
Central African Republic (Map)5
Chad (Map)7
Comoros (Map)4
Côte d'Ivoire (Map)20
Democratic Republic of the Congo (Map)25
Djibouti (Map)7
Egypt (Map)382
Equatorial Guinea (Map)2
Eritrea (Map)3
Ethiopia (Map)86
Gabon (Map)5
The Gambia (Map)4
Ghana (Map)59
Guinea (Map)6
Guinea-Bissau (Map)2
Kenya (Map)218
Lesotho (Map)5
Liberia (Map)4
Libya (Map)18
Madagascar (Map)34
Malawi (Map)7
Mali (Map)6
Mauritania (Map)4
Mauritius (Map)359
Mayotte (Map)1
Morocco (Map)441
Mozambique (Map)36
Namibia (Map)82
Niger (Map)5
Nigeria (Map)58
Republic of the Congo (Map)3
Réunion (Map)39
Rwanda (Map)15
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (Map)6
São Tomé and Príncipe (Map)4
Senegal (Map)13
Seychelles (Map)274
Sierra Leone (Map)7
Somalia (Map)7
South Africa (Map)3,129
South Sudan (Map)5
Sudan (Map)8
Swaziland (Map)7
Tanzania (Map)243
Togo (Map)3
Tunisia (Map)160
Uganda (Map)30
Western Sahara (Map)3
Zambia (Map)34
Zimbabwe (Map)24


Afghanistan (Map)7
Armenia (Map)32
Bangladesh (Map)74
Bhutan (Map)17
Brunei (Map)52
Cambodia (Map)1,740
People's Republic of China (Map)18,645
India (Map)14,498
Goa, India (Map)1,038
Indonesia (Map)16,382
Japan (Map)24,022
Kazakhstan (Map)88
Kyrgyzstan (Map)15
Laos (Map)858
Macau / Macao (Map)103
Malaysia (Map)6,469
Maldives (Map)560
Mongolia (Map)61
Myanmar (Burma) (Map)1,165
Nepal (Map)972
North Korea (Map)5
Pakistan (Map)79
Philippines (Map)10,193
South Korea (Map)7,627
Sri Lanka (Map)4,010
Taiwan (Map)6,121
Tajikistan (Map)9
Thailand (Map)21,505
Turkmenistan (Map)7
Uzbekistan (Map)31
Vietnam (Map)7,352

Australia & Oceania

American Samoa (Map)3
Australia (Map)9,905
Christmas Island (Map)2
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Map)7
Cook Islands (Map)54
Fiji (Map)206
French Polynesia (Map)173
Guam (Map)66
Kiribati (Map)
Marshall Islands (Map)1
Federated States of Micronesia (Map)8
Nauru (Map)1
New Caledonia (Map)33
New Zealand (Map)2,526
Niue (Map)3
Norfolk Island (Map)39
Northern Mariana Islands (Map)64
Palau (Map)19
Papua New Guinea (Map)51
Pitcairn Islands (Map)1
Samoa (Map)35
Solomon Islands (Map)19
Timor-Leste / East Timor (Map)3
Tonga (Map)17
Tuvalu (Map)1
Vanuatu (Map)80
Wallis and Futuna (Map)3

Central America / Carribean

Anguilla (Map)2
Antigua and Barbuda (Map)9
Aruba (Map)16
The Bahamas (Map)42
Barbados (Map)34
Belize (Map)16
Bermuda (Map)5
Bonaire (Map)5
British Virgin Islands (BVI) (Map)8
Cayman Islands (Map)8
Costa Rica (Map)82
Cuba (Map)34
Curaçao (Map)19
Dominica (Map)5
Dominican Republic (Map)146
El Salvador (Map)24
Grenada (Map)5
Guadeloupe (Map)8
Guatemala (Map)23
Haiti (Map)14
Honduras (Map)24
Jamaica (Map)35
Martinique (Map)4
Montserrat (Map)1
Nicaragua (Map)21
Panama (Map)69
Puerto Rico (Map)61
Saba (Map)1
Saint Barthélemy (Map)7
Saint Kitts and Nevis (Map)4
Saint Lucia (Map)14
Saint Martin (Map)1
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Map)7
Sint Eustatius (Map)1
Sint Maarten (Map)7
Trinidad and Tobago (Map)7
Turks and Caicos Islands (Map)10
U.S. Virgin Islands (Map)13


Åland (Map)10
Albania (Map)237
Andorra (Map)44
Austria (Map)794
Azerbaijan (Map)68
Belarus (Map)40
Belgium (Map)465
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Map)51
Bulgaria (Map)319
Croatia (Map)1,359
Cyprus (Map)607
Czech Republic (Map)714
Denmark (Map)293