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Discover Tokyo, Japan (Chiyoda, Minato, Taito etc.) in this map. The most exciting sights, the best hotels, a diverse nightlife, recommended restaurants and more for your Tokyo vacation. Updated constantly, free and available for desktop/smartphone/tablet.

Tokyo (, Japanese: [toːkʲoː]), officially Tokyo Metropolis, is the capital city of Japan and one of its 47 prefectures. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world. It is the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese government. Tokyo is in the Kantō region on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu and includes the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. Formerly known as Edo, it h... (read more on Wikipedia)

Capital of Japan | Calling code: +81 | Area: 2,187.66 km² | Elevation: 6 m | Inception: 1603

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The average room price per night for a 3 star hotel in Tokyo is 75 USD. In addition to the hotels shown in this overview there are more hotels, hostels and other types of accmmodations in Tokyo available on travelario (+ directly from Agoda).

Hotels with 3 stars (1)

Hotels in Tokyo, Japan: Red Planet Asakusa TokyoRed Planet Asakusa Tokyo (from 75 USD)
1-11-6 Asakusa, Taito-ku, 111 Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Red Planet (Chain)
Rating: 8.6/10
Rooms/floors: 134 on 13 floors
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