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    Update 08/12/2016 - Guides for every map with real-time information

    08/12/2016, By: travelario

    Update 08/12/2016 - Guides for every map with real-time informationOver the last few weeks we've gradually added new functionality for what is going to become the guide section of travelario. Every map will have its own guide which will provide a different view on the locations included in the map as well as real-time information about this city or country. For instance the guide for Bangkok, Thailand now includes the current local time, currency rates and weather with more information available when you click/hover over the icons. Furthermore you can find the current bestsellers for travel guides on or and links to important resources such as the official website for the specific city, region or country.

    We have also added a comment system provided by Disqus on every page. If have have suggestions or comments, feel free to add them there. We will continue to add more and more information in these guides on our journey to provide both travelers and locals with the best tools possible for trip planning and orientation when already there.