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Tallink Silja Line

Silja Line is a Swedish-Finnish cruiseferry brand operated by the Estonian ferry company AS Tallink Grupp, for car, cargo and passenger traffic between Finland and Sweden. The former company Silja Oy—today Tallink Silja Oy—is a subsidiary of the Tallink Grupp, handling marketing and sales for Tallink and Silja Line brands in Finland as well as managing Tallink Silja's ship employees. Another subsidiary, Tallink Silja AB, handles marketing and sales in Sweden. Strategical corporate management is performed by Tallink Grupp which also own the ships. As of 2009 four ships service two routes under the Silja Line brand, transporting about three million passengers and 200,000 cars every year. The Silja Line ships have a market share of around 50 percent on the two routes served. The Silja Line logo features the text Silja Line and a figure of a seal. Since 2014 the figure of the seal has been smiling. The famous theme tune heard in Silja Line's television commercials comes from the tun... [Wikipedia]

Inception: 1957

Tallink Silja Line Ratings: 4.0 of 5 stars with 69 ratings

Finland | Headquarter: Helsinki, Finland
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